Train For Success

The Big Three:

  1. Timing - 1.3 sec
  2. Motivation (Food, Verbal Praise, Toy)
  3. Consistency

Nothing in Life is Free 

Have your dog earn life rewards! Life rewards can be going for a walk, exiting through a door, getting a belly scratch, getting up on furniture, and sitting before a game of fetch.

By making them earn life rewards you are putting yourself in a natural leadership position. Your dog learns that in order to obtain their favorite things they must offer polite behaviors such as sitting or any other behavior you choose.



Timing is essential in training! You have about 1.3 seconds to reward the behavior. Rewarding positive behaviors the moment it's happening by marking it helps your dog take a mental photo.

Mark the exact moment you like a behavior with verbal marker “Yes" and praise. Then reward your pup with a treat. “Yes” is always followed by a treat! You can also use clickers as a bridge to give you more time to get the treat. 



Use play, treats and toys when training your dog! Keep training sessions fun and upbeat! Always end on a good note.

If you do not feel like training or in a bad mood, tired or sick, do not train wait until you are feeling better. If you are losing patience with your dog, take a break and give them a time out in their crate so you can relax. Give them something to play with while they are in there.



Training is all about consistency! Training needs to take place in all different environments so your dog knows the rules apply everywhere, not just at home. The more you train the better your relationship will be. A good rule is to train for about an hour a day. Break up sessions into 5-15 minutes sessions.

A rule is a rule. Create boundaries and stick to them. Be a fair, consistent leader so your dog knows what to expect from you.