Dogsitting Instructions

Hi Friends! Thank you SO much for taking care of the girls. We sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Travel Dates:

  1. Wednesday 1/30 8am - Sunday 2/10 3pm

  2. Friday 3/15 9am - Friday 2/22 11am

Here are some general instructions and guidelines for dogsitting. 


Morning / Evening Meals :

1.5 Tablespoons of THK Brave per dog

1 Tablespoon of THK Fish Proper Toppers per dog

1/4 tsp of THK Perfect Form - Herbal Digestive Supplement per dog

  • If you don’t have time to make the dehydrated food, you can just feed them 2 tablespoons of the THK fish proper toppers instead.

  • You need to loosely monitor their meals because Yuki will finish her food, and then try to eat Evie's

  • Evie is usually reluctant to eat, so you sometimes have to hand-feed her. You can make this more fun / interactive by practicing tricks and feeding her kibble as a reward. If she doesn't seem to be hungry, take the bowl away(to prevent Yuki from eating it). Try again in an hour or whenever she seems hungry again. Don't worry, she won't starve to death.

  • They might throw up if they play really rough after a meal. That's totally normal and nothing to worry about! Just need to re-feed whatever amount they threw up. Evie will sometimes try and eat the vomit but don't let her cause.. it's gross.


Daily Treats :

1 THK Beams Smalls Fish Skin (Dental Chews) per dog

1 THK Nice Mussels (Blue & Green Mussels) per dog


Extra Treats :

  • Limit Yuki to a small handful / day. You can break the treats into small pieces to maximize!


Potty Schedule :

Morning 10am

Afternoon 3pm

Night 7pm

Midnight / before you sleep

  • Take them outside to a designated area (they prefer grass / dirt instead of streets) and say "go potty"

  • They tend to sniff around for a while before relieving themselves. If constipated, make them run around to help them poop.

  • After they relieve themselves, happily praise "good girl" and give a chicken breast treat

  • They're typically more reluctant to go potty while on leash. You can unleash them and just stand between them and the road

  • If they wander off, call them back or just pick them up and put them back in the designated area and say "go potty"


Indoor Potty Mats :

  • Put potty pads where you want them to go indoors. Take some of the pee and dab it onto the potty pad so they can associate the spot with peeing.

  • If there's a spot they peed on frequently, put a potty pad there. They pretty much associated this spot as their pee spot in your house.

  • If they have an accident indoors (so sorry), clean it up with Nature's Miracle and follow the directions on the bottle


Walks :

  • Say leave it - if they're lingering on something they shouldn't be

  • Say drop it - if they pick up / try to eat something they find on the ground

  • Watch out for broken glass & needles

  • Wipe paws with baby wipes or wash in the sink as needed


Playtime :

  • Evie is super friendly and social, and gets along with everyone

  • Yuki is a little socially awkward and prefers new humans > new dogs



  • Yuki Tricks : sit, down, bang, roll over, paw, high five, sit pretty, twirl

  • Evie Tricks : Yuki's + fetch, speak, beg, crawl, close the door



  • If you're leaving them at home alone, confine them to a small space (either gated or a small room) with a water, bed, toys, and potty pad. Remove open trash cans and other things that Yuki could possibly chew up.

  • Evie is really sensitive and tends to bark when she hears new noises in the building / outside. It takes her a few days to get used to the new sounds. You can distract her by playing with her when she gets super alert.

  • Yuki is really scared of vacuums. Just hold her or put her in your lap, and sit away from the vacuum.


Fuzzy Pet Health - Telemedicine / House Visits

  • Dr. Rose

  • (415) 692-1875


Mission Pet Hospital - In Person

  • Dr. Blumstein

  • (415) 552-1969

  • 720 Valencia St


VCA Veterinary Specialists (Mission) - 24/7 Emergencies

  • (415) 202-5964

  • 600 Alabama St

SPCA Veterinary Hospital (Pac Heights) - 24/7 Emergencies

  • (415) 554-3000

  • 2343 Fillmore St