Our Family


Yuki is a Pomsky couch puptato who enjoys long naps and daydreaming about treats. This 10lb bundle of joy was born on March 21, 2016 and has captured the hearts of everyone around her ever since! She currently lives in San Francisco, where she spends her free time exploring local parks and napping in coffee shops. 

Generally Yuki has a calm and lazy disposition, but she is always full of surprises. As the princess of our family, Yuki loves being cradled like a baby while getting belly rubs. Yuki's hobbies include lounging on comfy couches and waiting for food to drop in the kitchen. Her favorite snacks are boiled chicken breast, beef tendon chews, and apple slices.


Evie is Yuki's big sister. This sweet little nugget has cutest little underbite and loves a good game of fetch! Born on August 3, 2015 at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Virginia, Evie is a Terrier mystery mix. She loves going on long hikes and exploring the great outdoors. You can find more of Evie @eebstagrams


Angel is the momager behind all the cuteness. She is the creative mind behind the content, and writer of this blog (along with pups' input of course). 

Derek is their paw paw. His job is to spoil the girls unconditionally with love, and carry them when their little paws are tired.