Hi, I'm Yuki the Pomsky!

Yuki is a Japanese name meaning  (happiness) and  (snow). After growing up in Japan, I wanted to take a piece of my childhood and give her a Japanese name. When this fluffy baby husky jumped into my arms, the name Yuki immediately came into mind because she brought so much joy into my life and huskies love playing in the snow! Ironically Yuki doesn't like being in snow, and prefers swimming instead. 


Birthday : March 21, 2016

Yuki is 2 years old

This bundle of joy came into my life in July 2016 at 4 months old. She was originally from another family, but they were unable to keep her so she was surrendered by her owners and then adopted by me. Their loss is our gain!

We frequently get asked for her breeder information but will refrain from sharing because we suspect she came from a puppy mill. Don't support puppy mills or backyard breeders! Do your research and find a responsible breeder. Or better yet, look into adopting and rescuing instead! Yuki's older sister, Evie, is a rescue and she is the sweetest little nugget in the world.

Breed : Pomsky

Is that a baby wolf? Fox? Husky puppy? Nope, she's a Pomsky!

Pomskies are a fairly new "designer breed" that is cross between a Pomeranian and Husky. How in the world does that happen? Through artificial insemination with a Husky mom and Pomeranian dad. They are like a box of chocolate — you never know what you're gonna get! The appearances and sizes of Pomskies differ greatly, and their temperaments are more unpredictable. Lucky for us, Yuki is 10lbs full grown and has a very calm and sweet disposition. 

Specifically she is a F1B Pomsky, made up of 25% Husky and 75% Pomeranian. She is smaller than most Pomskies with more of a Pomeranian look and Husky coloring, and a giant fluffy tail curl! Yuki's fur sheds a moderate amount and requires regular brushing and grooming. And once a year, she blows her coat like a husky and drops cotton balls everywhere. 



Location : San Francisco

We currently live in the beautiful city of San Francisco

Originally from the East Coast, Yuki grew up in suburban Maryland where she got to experience all the seasons. We had a big back yard that the girls would run around in every morning and evening, and on the weekends we explored the nation's capital. I got Evie and Yuki during my last years of school, and brought them to campus quite often so they're actually college grads. In the postgrad summer of 2017, I visited SF and fell in love with the city, the bay, and the redwoods. So we decided to pack our belongs and go on a one way cross country road trip to sunny California! 5 amazing days and 3000 miles later, we arrived in our new home.

We absolutely love everything this dog friendly city has to offer. Our favorite activities include running around Alamo Square, getting Honey Lavender ice cream on Hayes St, and finding the cutest coffee shops. On the weekends we venture out to local destinations like redwood parks, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and Napa Valley. We always love suggestions on dog friendly places!